Aircraft Maintenance Checks

By JETechnology Staff

All military or commercial aircraft require regular maintenance checks to ensure smooth operations. Conducting these inspections is paramount to the safety of your crew, pilots and passengers. Scheduled and unscheduled checks should occur regularly, with each type serving a different purpose in the care and upkeep of an aircraft.

Stepladders for Aircraft Maintenance

By JETechnology Staff

Across aerospace sectors, from commercial to business to military, there is a necessity for stepladders, whether for maintenance or boarding. Whether you're providing aircraft stepladders for your mechanics and technicians or pilots and passengers, it's essential to invest in durable ladders that offer safety and convenience to every user.

Small Scissor Lifts

By JETechnology Staff

Typical aircraft maintenance scissor lifts — often referred to as slabs — are powered by electricity and designed to roll across flat surfaces. Their work platforms are larger than the average single worker bucket found at the end of most boom lifts. Plus, with sturdy crisscrossed bracing that squeezes together to raise the platform from underneath, scissor lifts supply an extremely stable workspace capable of accommodating more than one worker, as well as tools and maintenance equipment.

Besides feeling like James Bond, there are several reasons why investing in an aircraft for your business might be a wise decision. Companies choose to get a private plane for travel mainly for flexibility and time-efficient transportation. If you and your employees fly frequently, you can skip the inconveniences of traditional travel and increase your productivity at the same time.

What Makes Airplanes Fly?

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It’s fascinating to think that it was only a little over a century ago — on December 17, 1903, to be exact — that Wilbur and Orville Wright first flew their heavier-than-air powered airplane at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Within a few short years, they patented their flying machine — U.S. patent 821,393 — and claimed their rightful place in aviation history.

While an average of 70 percent of people report harboring some fear of flying, commercial air travel is still by far the safest form of transportation you can take. Nevertheless, that fact in and of itself doesn’t prevent a large swath of the general public from experiencing anxiety associated with flying. To help make sense of this issue, let's take a look at what some of the most recent events and statistics reveal about the current state of flying in the United States.

What Is Aviation Safety Culture?

By JETechnology Staff

It’s essential to understand that safety culture in aviation industry applications is the responsibility of everybody in an organization, from the worker on the floor to the CEO in the board room. It’s something that needs to be continuously enforced to ensure that staff members consistently adhere to safety guidelines. In addition, organizations need to regularly review their safety policies to confirm that they’re keeping pace with new technologies and developments in the field.

Fall Protection Safety Tips

By JETechnology Staff

In the aviation industry, maintenance workers, mechanics, inspectors and a host of other ground support personnel are responsible for keeping aircraft in peak condition so that every part of these highly complex machines operates safely and correctly. But what’s involved in actively keeping support crews safe from occupational falls and injuries?

Engine Access Stands

By JETechnology Staff

In both commercial and military aviation, there are many instances when routine checks, regularly scheduled maintenance and even repairs can occur if the right personnel can be safely placed in proximity to the equipment in question. Clearly, considering the size and complexity of today’s aircraft engines, the best way to get technicians close to these engine spaces is with well-designed aircraft engine stands.

Portable Working Platforms

By JETechnology Staff

Portable work platforms are workhorses of the commercial and military aviation industries. They serve as reliable work stands during all manner of aircraft design, assembly and maintenance operations.

Ground Support Equipment

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Both commercial and military aircraft are designed to operate independently when they’re in flight. After they land, however, a host of aircraft ground support equipment — or aircraft GSE — must be employed to help service, maintain and repair the planes. GSE is also used to help prepare them for their next flight or mission. That’s why aircraft GSE is a crucial part of keeping any fleet safe, operational and on schedule.

As an aircraft maintenance manager, you’re most likely used to having multiple responsibilities at any given time. But, in reality, there’s no greater ongoing duty you face than fostering a workplace culture that focuses on keeping your aircraft maintenance technicians safe.

Guide to Industrial Work Stands

By JETechnology Solutions

If you work with or manage a team of professionals that could benefit from professional work stands and are looking to take your maintenance routine to the next level — this guide is for you. We’ll cover the basics of professional work stands — the different types, features and how to choose the right one for your operation.

Aircraft Maintenance and Inspections

By JETechnology Staff

We made this quick guide for our customers and those curious about aircraft maintenance as an overview of what goes into safe and thorough checks. We’ll cover the fundamentals of aircraft inspections and maintenance and how the pros keep a fleet in peak condition.

If you’re considering buying a private jet for your business, let us first start by saying — congratulations! Nothing says "you’ve made it" more than a Gulfstream G650. But before you buy, it’s important to consider the costs of owning and operating your aircraft, as they extend well beyond the initial price tag. Here at JETechnology, we make aircraft maintenance stands and ground support equipment for these jaw-dropping jets.

Whether you're in commercial, military or business aviation, you need to have complete confidence in your aircraft before takeoff — confidence in the air comes from trusting your aircraft maintenance checks on the ground.

Bombardier Maintenance Platform

By JETechnology Staff

As leaders in commercial, business and defense aircraft, Bombardier and Embraer play vital roles in your company or agency's transportation activities. It's essential to maintain your planes at the appropriate intervals, as well as provide your hangar crews with the safe and reliable tools necessary to service your fleet.

Industrial Work Stands

By JETechnology Staff

Across many types of industries from military to business and commercial, workers are required to access elevated areas to perform daily tasks such as stocking of inventory, inspection and maintenance of equipment. These industrial work stands play a critical role in the ability of the workers to perform his/her task effectively and safely. Tasks, such as inspections and routine maintenance appointments utilizing industrial work stands, let your team access difficult-to-reach locations, as well as store and carry tools and replacement parts with ease.

Regardless of whether your job is to oversee the maintenance of military or commercial aircraft, the safety, reliability and efficiency of the aircraft maintenance stands you and your personnel use should always be a top priority. Of course, for professionals such as fleet safety managers and maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) managers, the need to carry out each maintenance job with quality and precision cannot be overstated. Depending on the type of aircraft you service, the lives of military personnel and/or civilians literally rests in the hands of your crew.

Aircraft Ground Support Equipment

By JETechnology Staff

Aircraft may spend most of their time in the air, but when they're on the ground, it's critical to assess their performance, safety and overall condition. That's why aircraft ground support equipment is essential for your hangars, along with aircraft loading equipment and fall protection equipment for prepping your aircraft for flight.