Aircraft Ground Support Equipment

By JETechnology Staff

Aircraft may spend most of their time in the air, but when they're on the ground, it's critical to assess their performance, safety and overall condition. That's why aircraft ground support equipment is essential for your hangars, along with aircraft loading equipment and fall protection equipment for prepping your aircraft for flight. At JETechnology Solutions, we design, engineer, manufacture and deliver a series of equipment sets for aircraft to support your aviation requirements.

Aircraft Maintenance Stands

At our 12,000-square-foot facility in Orlando, FL, we produce aviation ground support equipment for the following sectors:

  • Commercial: Our commercial maintenance platforms include several models, which we can manufacture for the Boeing, Bombardier, Airbus and Embraer aircraft families. We also design stands for Robinson helicopters, as well as the DC-10 and Gulfstream G650, plus do custom work for additional aircraft.
  • Military: With a reputation as a trusted partner of the U.S. military, we're knowledgeable about engineering military aircraft ground support equipment that prioritizes safety. We produce more than 15 different stands for a variety of military aircraft, including the UH-60, F-22, V-22, RC-135, MH-60T, RQ4, AH-64, C-130 and more.
  • Business: We also design aviation platforms for companies and corporations across the globe. Our designs feature several safety features, such as durable handrails and anti-skid surfaces to prevent trips, falls and injuries.

All our aircraft ground support equipment complies with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Air Force Office of Safety and Health (AFOSH) standards.

Airport Baggage Handling Equipment

We help your team handle baggage from passengers and crew members with durable, high-quality airport baggage handling equipment that's tested for performance before, during and after manufacturing. Our engineers and designers build our aircraft loading equipment to endure the harsh environment of baggage boarding, maximizing your company's investment and reducing the risk of baggage damage, such as due to a broken equipment component.

Aircraft Stepladders

Our quality assurance, engineering and welding teams also apply their expertise to produce a few types of aircraft stepladders, including:

  • Mobile: With our high-quality mobile stepladders for aircraft, your crew of mechanics and technicians can move between planes and throughout your hanger with ease. The design of our portable stepladders makes them ideal for relocation by only a few personnel, which decreases downtime.
  • Boarding: Our boarding stepladders for aircraft are ideal for business and military aircraft, as well as light aircraft or regional jets. With an anti-skid surface, as well as sturdy handrails, you can keep your passengers and pilots safe.

JETechnology Solutions

At JETechnology Solutions, we bring more than 75 years of combined experience to aircraft ground support equipment, along with a series of certifications — including ISO 9001. With our expertise, as well as our commitment to delivering high-quality tools that we customize to your needs, we're a trusted partner of organizations and agencies worldwide.

Learn more about ground support equipment for aviation applications by contacting us today to speak with an aircraft engineer or receive a free proposal.