Portable Working Platforms

By JETechnology Staff

Portable Working Platforms

Portable work platforms are workhorses of the commercial and military aviation industries. They serve as reliable work stands during all manner of aircraft design, assembly and maintenance operations. As any ground support professional can tell you, adjustable work platforms are essential to meeting the sudden and changeable needs of any fleet.

Rolling work platforms that are easy to set up, dependable during use and capable of being quickly maneuvered to the next job — or placed into storage — function as game changers for grounds crews that are under strict expectations to work safely and productively.

What Is a Portable Work Platform?

Unlike stationary work platforms, portable — also known as adjustable — work platforms typically enable greater access to a wider variety of assemblies, heights and workspaces. However, don’t let their versatility fool you. Safety and performance won't ever need to be sacrificed when a portable work platform is in use.

Just like their permanent counterparts, portable work platforms are professionally engineered and fully tested to meet all applicable occupational health and safety regulations. In addition, lightweight materials, customized designs and enhanced safety features are often key ingredients in the successful development and manufacture of rolling work platforms.

Uses of a Portable Work Platform

Engineering, maintenance and ground service crews frequently need access to aircraft exteriors, engines and other machinery spaces. Portable work platforms allow them to safely complete their tasks in a manner that complies with all air safety and workplace regulations. What’s more: Due to the combined pressures of work consistency and budgetary concerns, these highly adjustable platforms support repeatable efficiency that’s the hallmark of safe aviation practices worldwide.

Some of the most common applications of portable work platforms include support for the following procedures and practices:

  • Assembly and construction
  • Maintenance
  • Fall protection
  • Service supply stands
  • Mobile platforms
  • Docking and gangway systems
  • Adjustable engineering platforms

Portable Work Platforms From JETechnology Solutions

From military cockpit access to reaching the vertical stabilizers on a commercial aircraft, our JETechnology Solutions portable work platforms are expertly designed to give you OSHA compliance and great performance. Backed by our more than 75 years of combined experience fabricating turnkey solutions for fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft, our craftsmanship and 12,000-square-foot manufacturing facility ensure that our products are of the highest quality.

In addition, we use 100 percent American construction. We also have vast experience with both commercial and government procurement agencies, and we’re recognized as a GSA multiple award schedule contract holder. Working with us means your order is filled in the most timely, professional and cost-effective manner possible.

JETechnology Solutions: Superior Workmanship With Great Customer Service

Whether you need one or 100 portable work platforms, you'll find that at JETechnology Solutions, we treat every order with the utmost attention to detail. There will be nothing left to chance when it comes to your satisfaction as well as the safety of your workers and the aircraft they maintain.

For more information on our wide selection of adjustable and stationary ground support platforms, contact us today. Or, if you prefer, get in touch directly by contacting a JSI engineer. We’re fully committed to supporting the safety and performance of your workplace.