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Aviation Maintenance Stands

For your fleet of corporate aircraft, it's essential you maintain their performance and quality to maximize your investment. That requires a durable and safe aviation maintenance stand that provides your mechanics and technicians with a secure platform for working on your aircraft, as well as accessing their toolset. At JETechnology Solutions, we've become a respected name for custom aviation maintenance platforms that meet your safety standards as well as budget allocation.

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We provide corporations across the country with turnkey solutions for business aircraft maintenance platforms. Instead of relying on multiple parties to design, engineer, manufacture and deliver your platforms, you can call on our team to complete the process from start to finish. Because we maintain a single facility in Orlando, FL, your aviation maintenance stands only leave when they're ready to arrive at your location.

Our state-of-the-art facility, which covers 12,000 square feet, features a lineup of computer numeric control (CNC) machining equipment that our expert team uses to construct your platforms. As a small business in the U.S., we also ensure all our products use American labor and materials, which we verify by partnering with a select group of suppliers that are vetted by our quality assurance team.

By offering superior quality, industry-leading designs and more than 75 years of combined experience, JETechnology Solutions is the go-to choice for companies of all sizes.

Aviation Maintenance Manufacturer

As your partner for developing aviation maintenance stands for your corporate fleet, we ensure all our designs comply with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards by incorporating fall protection into each of our platforms, which can help your company boost workplace safety, optimize productivity and limit expenses due to workplace injuries.

The process behind our custom manufacturing of aviation maintenance platforms includes the following steps:

  • Discuss your requirements: We prioritize your needs, which is why we meet with you to discuss your preferences and standards for your organization's corporate aircraft maintenance stand. Our design and engineering department also completes mitigation planning, in-process checks and a risk assessment analysis.
  • Engineer your custom design: We move onto engineering and designing your aviation maintenance platforms with CAD software after studying your proposal and statement of work. Our quality assurance team also begins the process of sourcing materials from approved vendors that match our quality standards.
  • Manufacture your aviation maintenance stands: We start manufacturing your platforms, parts or prototypes next. With a team of experienced machinists, fabricators and welders, as well as quality assurance members, we make sure we meet your quality standards and ours.
  • Deliver your business aircraft maintenance platforms: We package your business' aircraft maintenance platforms, which we research when developing your stands, and prepare to transport them to your designated location. All our carriers comply with our standards for quality and care.

Our aviation stands include a one-year warranty for manufacturer defects that begins upon delivery acceptance.

Trusted Provider of Aviation Maintenance Stands

At JETechnology Solutions, we believe in delivering uncompromised talent, precision and quality to our customers. With decades of combined experience, as well as being ISO 9001:2015 certified, we push forward in our commitment to safe, high-quality aviation maintenance stands that benefit not only your aircraft but also your mechanics and technicians.

Learn more about our custom aviation maintenance platforms by contacting us today for a proposal. Or, reach out to speak with one of our engineers about your project.


Aircraft Slider Assembly

Aircraft Slider Assembly

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Jack Caster Assembly with 8” Wheel, 15” Travel

Jack Caster Assembly with 8” Wheel, 15” Travel

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Translating Staircase Support Caster

Translating Staircase Support Caster

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Aircraft Slider Bumper

Aircraft Slider Bumper

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Hand Rail Sleeve

Hand Rail Sleeve

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Gulfstream 650

Gulfstream 650
G650 MX Stand


The Gulfstream G650 Phase Maintenance Stand offers first-class, state of the art, access to the G650 aircraft.  It's a complete modular system that when combined with other options such as lights, electrical and pneumatic circuits, and toolboxes gives personnel the ability to operate on the aircraft while minimizing traveling up and down the ladder.  We use not only Finite Element Analysis but proof load testing to confirm that each design is rated for 1000lb load capacity.  


Each modular platform has ample room for storage of various pneumatic and power tools and even aircraft parts.  This customized Phase Maintenance Stand designed specifically for the Gulfstream G650 with ASTM Carbon Steel and 6061 aluminum construction is maneuvered by 2-3 personnel or forklift.  The tough iron core of the casters and its unique design allows it to be fully transported by truck and easily set up in minutes by 2 personnel. 


The guardrails are removable and interchangeable and still provide fall protection and OSHA compliant safety.  All of the walking surfaces are equipped with antislip surfaces to help minimize any slips or falls.  The individually operated extension sliders equipped with rubber padding allow for the user to custom fit each stand to the aircraft.  Each extension slider is lockable without any tooling and can be put into position in seconds.  The Gulfstream G650 Phase Maintenance Stand is one of the most sturdiest designs on the market.  It's made to withstand the beating that maintenance personnel dish out!


We stand behind our products with a 3 year warranty.  Each fall protection stand also comes equipped with an Operator's and Maintenance Manual that describes how to properly operate and care for your stand.