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Custom Aircraft Maintenance Stand Consultation

Custom Aircraft Maintenance Stand Consultation

No more one-size-fits-all. At JETechnology Solutions, we’ve got the answer you’ve been searching for:

“What’s the best aircraft maintenance stand to fit my aircraft maintenance access challenges?”

The best way to get an aircraft maintenance stand that solves your maintenance access challenges is with a JETechnology Solutions custom maintenance stand consultation:

  • Phase 1: Initial meeting and collaboration determining your requirements and safety needs
  • Phase 2: Design and development of a conceptual 3D CAD model using Solidworks
  • Phase 3: Manufacturing
  • Phase 4: Testing and Documentation
  • Phase 5: Delivery, setup, and onsite training

During our 5-phase consultation process, we’ll consult with your end-users, maintenance crews, and safety overseers; visit your location; and design your feedback into a product built to fit your exact needs. From concept to delivery and beyond, with JETechnology Solutions you get the engineering, manufacturing, and OSHA experience you demand and the expert support you deserve.

Our Process

Through our unique consultation process, we deliver customized, reliable, and safe turnkey maintenance platform solutions for various aircrafts.

Send us your maintenance requirements, aircraft specs, and safety needs. Within hours, our engineers will review your request, answer your questions, and schedule time to meet with you and your team to learn more.

Contact a JET Engineer

Phase 1: Aircraft Maintenance Stand Consultation and Collaboration

We take the time to learn your goals, budget, and any in-house requirements in order to craft aircraft maintenance equipment to fit your exacting needs. We conduct efficient interviews with your in-house safety experts, end-users, and other stakeholders to determine your site-specific maintenance platform requirements.

With your permission, we’ll also come to your facility. While not required, a visit to your location drastically improves our ability to help you.

During a visit, we’ll evaluate where your stands will be located and efficiently account for as many influencing factors as possible, including details such as:

  • Dimensional restrictions
  • Final Destination
  • Flooring specifications
  • Installation restrictions
  • Load capacity
  • Material of construction preferences
  • Modularity
  • Number of people using stands
  • Railing height
  • Staircase angles
  • And more

We build safety into your products from the very beginning— not at the end as an afterthought. Putting our intuitive aptitude to work for you, we’ll gauge possible solutions to anticipated issues to help you determine the best solution, all before the design phase starts.

Phase 2: Design and Concept

Asking the right questions to understand your requirements is just the beginning. Once we’ve gathered enough information, we concept high-quality, unique, and practical designs. From a simple hand sketch to a 3D CAD model to reality, our designers and engineers create a solution that is not only functional, but OSHA and AFOSH-compliant and structurally safe, also.

Phase 3: Manufacturing & Shipping Detailing

Our manufacturing facilities are located in-house, making quick modifications easy and contributing to faster lead times for your project. Our quality assurance programs ensure strict adherence to procedures and specifications and full material traceability, guaranteeing you receive a high-quality product.

We also reduce schedule risk by planning your packaging and delivery ahead of manufacturing. Our Engineering and Logistics Departments work closely with you to determine packaging requirements and best methods of transportation so when you receive your platforms, they’re ready to assemble.

Phase 4: Testing and Documentation

Quality assurance, while within every phase of the process is performed thoroughly during phase four to ensure you receive a product of the utmost highest quality. No matter the order, our testing process is as detailed as it is structured. With JETechnology Solutions, you can expect excellent, safe aircraft maintenance stands and platforms no matter the size or type of order post-manufacturing and beyond.

We also create an O&M manual for your records and can provide any other documentation you need. If you have questions or concerns throughout the testing and documentation phase, we provide honest, genuine answers and helpful guidance.

Phase 5: Delivery, Setup, and Training

We’ll demonstrate all of your platform’s safety features to your in-house safety inspectors so they can review the equipment prior to use. At your request, we’ll setup your equipment and provide onsite training to minimize interruptions to your ongoing operations.

The JETechnology Solutions Difference

From start to finish and beyond, our due diligence translates to the superior customization of your products and increased safety for your maintenance crews. From private to military aircraft maintenance stands, if you have a need, we have a way, and at JETechnology Solutions, we equip you for success from the start.

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